It is news that the players have been showing expectations since Eric Ten Haar began training for Manchester United.

It is news that the players have been showing expectations since Eric Ten Haar began training for Manchester United.

The UK’s Sky Sports reported on coach Ten Haar’s pre-season training on the 30th. The media added, “The first week of training sent by head coach Tenhach made a strong impression on the team and staff 먹튀검증.”

Manchester United began pre-season training on the 28th. It was the first training with the players since Tenhach took office at Manchester United. An anonymous Manchester United veteran who interviewed with Sky Sports said, “It is strong. Not only physically but also mentally. Head coach Ten Haha wants the players to think, think, and think.”

Unlike Manchester United coach in the past, he led the training himself, which is said to have made a good impression. Coach Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was also in charge of training to coach Michael Carrick and others. At that time, the internal training evaluation was ‘too basic and gives players too much freedom without feedback’.

When Ralf Rangnick was in office, he was also dissatisfied. At that time, it was evaluated that “there were a lot of technical terms, and I only focused on what to do without the ball.” Coach Chris Armas, who was in charge of training under coach Rangnick, reportedly did not actively give specific feedback to the players.

Compared to the previous two coaches, coach Tenhach is said to have actively fed the players and showed the direction of training properly. Manchester United’s rear build-up was considered monotonous every time last season, and manager Ten Haha is said to have trained how to continue ownership of the ball to solve the problem.

During training, if the players fail to show the play they want, they can stop training and leave feedback immediately. Throughout the training, he only repeated, “It’s not enough. Show it to the fullest,” and it is known that he encouraged the players only when they reached the level they wanted.

In order to keep the team under control, coach Tenhach also brought down his commute time to 9 a.m. It is said that the atmosphere of Manchester United’s training ground has already changed. There is still a long way to go before the opening of the season, but attention is focusing on whether Manchester United will revive under coach Ten Haar.

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